Can I move in earlier than the allocated time?

Unfortunately we cannot have access to the hall before the beginning of move-in.

How can I pick up my exhibitor badges?

All exhibitor badges can be picked up on site at the Caneast Show office during move-in.

Don’t forget to submit your names by completing the Mandatory Exhibitor Form.

What if my staff isn’t all there? Where can I leave their badges?

Any extra exhibitor badges can be left at Guest Services as of 9 am Saturday to be picked up by your staff.

What if I want to order extra complimentary entry passes for my guests?

You may order additional guest passes by completing the Additional Guest Passes Form.

Guest passes may also be purchased during move-in at the Show Office at the EY Centre.

How do we purchase additional parking passes?

Daily parking is available at $8.00 per day, payable upon entry to the lot. Alternatively, you can purchase a weekend pass which allows you unlimited entry and exits for the duration of the show, for the cost $16. These are available onsite during move-in at the EY office.

Is booth cleaning available?

Yes, Please consult the Booth Cleaning tab in the Exhibitor kit to order this service for your booth.

Are there food concessions stands available?

Concession stand open to exhibitors after move-in begins. During the length of the show the concession stand will remain open until end of day.

What if I exhibit at more than one of your shows? Do I need to send you a new insurance policy copy every time?

If you are a repeat exhibitor, simply leave the name of the specific show off your policy and we will keep it on file until the policy expires.

Ensure that Caneast Shows Inc., 348 Pike Lake Route 1 Road, Perth, ON K7H 3C5 is clearly stated as additional insured.