Ottawa Pet Expo Show Schedule


Friday, November 9

12 noon to 10 pm


Saturday, November 10
Sunday, November 11

9 am to 6 pm
10 am to 5 pm


Sunday, November 11

5 pm to 10 pm



Due to liability and insurance concerns, working in your booth will ONLY be allowed during the allocated move-in/move-out times.

Exhibitors are responsible for the moving of exhibit materials to their booth location; a limited number of dollies are made available to assist with this process.

  • Upon your arrival, please come to the Show Office to register and receive your exhibitor badges.
  • Please ensure you have sent your proof of insurance to Brokers Trust Insurance Group prior to move-in. You cannot set-up without it.
  • Your representative should accompany all goods in transit from the loading area to your booth.
  • Show management retains the right to inspect any box or crate that is removed from the exhibit halls.
  • Do not begin set-up until all your goods have been removed from your vehicle and your vehicle is removed from the loading area.



You will receive detailed move-out instructions at the show. Move-out on Sunday begins only after the show closes and the aisle carpet is removed.

For safety/security reasons and as a courtesy to attendees, no removal or dismantling of displays or materials is permitted before 5 pm on Sunday, November 11.

All exhibits must be removed from the exhibit halls by 10 pm on November 11 or freight will be shipped via Liberty CFS Inc.’s terms (7 business days standard ground service).