Ottawa Pet Expo Foor & Ceiling

Ottawa Pet Expo HIGHLY recommends suitable floor covering as the exhibit halls are not carpeted. If you have pets as a part of your display, you do not require flooring. If you do not have pets as a part of your display, it is recommended to cover your floor space within your booth.  You may choose carpeting (the ideal solution), floor mats, or floor tiles to cover the floor of your space. Please ensure all floor coverings remain within the dimensions of your exhibit space. No flooring materials (such as linoleum) requiring the use of cement or mastic tape to secure them to the floor are permitted. No exhibit materials may be secured to building walls or hung from ceilings. Cloth based double-sided tape is the only adhesive material accepted to secure your materials to the floor. The only tapes authorized for use on exhibit hall floors are:

  • Doublestick V (2-sided tape)
  • Rainbow (1-sided 7ml vinyl)
  • Masking tape
  • #618 Suretape (cloth duct tape)
  • #174 high-adhesion double-faced tape

“Stick-on” floor decals, floor signs or similar promotional items, meant as floor décor, may not be used in or about the facility unless approved by the EY Centre. Acceptable wall adhesives are Lepage Fun Tak or similar putty adhesive. Prohibited tapes include clear packaging tape, generic duct tape, and electrical tape on the exhibit hall floors. Heat tape or double faced tape is prohibited on the carpets. All adhesive products must be removable without damage to the surfaces or building finishes. Charges will apply for all tape damage and for cleaning and removal by the facility of non-approved adhesives.