Ottawa Pet Expo Additional Guest Passes

Each exhibitor receives complimentary guest passes which do not need to be ordered. If you wish to purchase additional passes, you may do so at a cost of $8.00 each ($5.00 off regular admission price, HST included in price).

Please note that there is a minimum charge of $40.00 (5 passes), which is payable at time of order, and is non-refundable. Any passes you order above this amount will be charged to you only when redeemed by your guests at the door. You will be billed for them after the show.

Orders for passes placed before November 1 will be sent to you by mail unless otherwise specified. For subsequent orders, exhibitors must make arrangements for pick-up. Passes ordered after November 1 can be picked up at our business office or, starting Friday, November 9, on-site in the show office.