Lesson 4: Pre-Show Promotion to Increase Traffic


Your tradeshow will invest in it’s own marketing and advertising initiatives, to draw in attendees as a whole. Spreading the word about your appearance at an upcoming tradeshow helps draw people specifically to YOUR booth.  Make sure you post your involvement and the dates of the event prominently on your website. This is where most customers are likely to find you these days – and here is a great opportunity for them to see you in person.

Social Media is your best friend. Currently, there are over 2.34 Billion Social Media Users worldwide, so there is no excuse for not being online! With Google, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in the forefront, and thousands of others in the pack, how do you keep up? Karma recommends you choose one or two platforms that reach your demographic and work on those. There is no point in setting up a ton of different accounts with Vine, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc., if you don’t or can’t keep them up to date.

Another fabulous way to reach folks is through a direct email announcement. Don’t forget, over 60% of Canadians opening their emails and browsing on mobile devices, so reaching out on mobile is NEVER a waste of time! These EDM (Electronic Direct Mail) announcements can be tailored for mobile viewing, and by using your existing customer base you know these folks are already interested in your product or service!

Don’t miss the opportunity to let customers know about the show through more traditional avenues as well. Your tradeshow manager will provide you with complimentary passes you can use as pre-show contest items for your existing customer base. Plus, simply talking about your exhibit at the upcoming tradeshow with clients in your store can spread the excitement through word of mouth.

Using clever pre-show contests and promotions to increase your booth traffic is also a fabulous idea that has proven successful for many exhibitors. Encourage folks on social media to visit your booth in order to enter. Using a fun interaction, like sharing a selfie with your product makes it mandatory for visitors to engage with you, in order to get in on the games!