Lesson 2: Booth Staff Do’s and Don’ts

If you are planning on manning your booth yourself, using existing staff, or hiring someone to do it just for the duration of the tradeshow, there are several important points to consider when going over your human resources plan for the event.


Staffing Needs!

Consider that most tradeshows are full day, all weekend events, and also include a set up day, and a tear down day. You will need to rotate staff, and use the best salespeople for selling, and your most handy folks for set-up and teardown. Lunch breaks, phone breaks, and snack breaks should be somewhere OTHER than in your exhibit space.  Ensure you have enough staff to cover lunch breaks, washrooms breaks and sitting breaks (if needed). NEVER leave your booth unattended during show hours.  You never know… and people are ALWAYS watching.


Stay Standing!

Soft floor coverings, or padded areas where your booth staff can stand are vital! We stress that at no time should an Exhibitor be seated. Customers walk by your booth all day long, and it could be that very moment you sat down for a ham sandwich in your booth, that prevented a big ticket sale!


Keep Eye Contact!

Make sure your booth staff are not buried in their smartphones, or shyly looking away from potential clients. We recommend a casual standing posture, with chin raised and eyes scanning the crowd. Be sure to greet folks who walk by, but there IS a happy medium! Coming on too strong can put people off, but better that, than a potential customer feeling they aren’t important at all.


Treat Everyone Equally

Some vendors feel women have all the buying power in the household, and some feel it’s the men who have the final say… in reality, you don’t really know who holds the decision making process when you meet an interested couple, so always best to sell to BOTH parties!


Clothing & Shoes

Wearing professional attire and supportive footwear will ensure your staff create the right impression, while remaining comfortable. If your company has a uniform, it is recommended all your staff wear it,


Create a Sales Routine

Every sales This routine may include collecting information from warm leads, having guests fill out a ballot to enter a draw, and perhaps handing out a take-away item to keep your business top of mind.


Train Your Staff

Finally, make sure your staff is well versed in your product, your prices and your sales routine. It is important to TRAIN your booth staff that will be selling for your product. Shares these tips and ask them to follow these rules. Take the time to make sure you have the BEST representation possible, and you will make the most out of your tradeshow experience!