Lesson 1: Top 5 Trade Show Techniques

Here we cover the 5 broad strokes that make for a successful tradeshow. We continue to explore these topics in depth in the next few lessons.


Technique #1 : Plan Ahead!

The earlier you can commit to your presence at a Tradeshow, the better the experience will be.  By having the time to properly plan and prepare your booth, as well as enough lead up time to spread the word amongst your customers, you will have a significant step up on the latecomers.


Technique #2 : Good staff makes for a great show!

Your Tradeshow staff are the face of your brand for the duration of your event. The busiest booths are always the ones with engaging sales representatives, who are standing, smiling and appear ready to answer any questions.


Technique #3 : Bring the Bling!

Your Exhibit Space is your temporary storefront. You would make sure your store is well lit, wouldn’t you? You would ensure your storefront has a large sign to attract customers, right? You would want your storefront to reflect your brand in every detail, correct? Well, a tradeshow booth is NO different.  In fact, in an age of increasingly virtual companies, often your tradeshow exhibit is the ONLY face-to-face presence you may have with your client base!


Technique #4 : Social Media, Spread the Word!

Use your existing social network, as well as your professional one to help spread the word about your upcoming participation in a tradeshow. Undoubtedly the tradeshow itself will engage in a significant marketing campaign, and by leveraging this media excitement with your own clients you can ensure your booth will be very busy!


Technique #5 : Take Advantage of Prizing and Promotion!

Whether your tradeshow offers opportunities for prizing or promotion or not, you can still take advantage of the excitement generated by a great prize! Hold a raffle or a draw at your booth – and ensure you collect vital information from those who enter, so you can add them to your mailing lists!  One clever Jewellery Exhibitor spends the month prior to showtime promoting the fact that they will pay the sales tax while at the Tradeshow. A small discount that drives incredible foot traffic!