Show Guidelines

  1. The use of nails, screws, or any material that can mark floors, walls, or the ceiling of the exhibit hall is prohibited.
  2. The only tape exhibitors are allowed to use for securing carpet or material to the floor is double sided cloth tape.
  3. In order to maintain a professional image for the public attending the show, hand-drawn signs of any nature are not permitted. If you need signage, contact Kevaleen Lara (310.210.3138 or or review our signage provider.
  4. Exhibitors planning to use special equipment or construction techniques are urged to submit plans to show management well in advance to ensure compliance with all regulations.
  5. Aisle space may not be used for exhibit purposes or for general solicitation of business.
  6. Distribution of literature or other exhibit material is only permitted within your exhibit area.
  7. Audio-visual devices must not interfere with surrounding exhibitors.
  8. The use of stickers or helium balloons as giveaways and to decorate exhibits is absolutely forbidden.
  9. Any part of the back of your display panels that are unfinished and are visible from the aisle must be finished by you. It is your responsibility to give it a finished look.
  10. Out of respect for other exhibitors, excessive cutting of materials will not be permitted on the show floor. Please contact show management to make arrangements for a suitable location on-site.
  11. Children under the age of 16 are not permitted on the show floor during move-in and move-out.
  12. No exhibitor may sublet any portion of its allocated exhibit space to another company, supplier, and/or dealer without the express written consent of Caneast Shows Inc.
  13. Please allow more visitors to stop and do business with you. Simply set back exhibit tables at least two feet from the aisle and open up your exhibit space so more attendees may access your exhibit materials, your literature, and you.