Parking, Security & Soliciting


Free parking on-site is available throughout the show for exhibitors and visitors.
There will be designated accessible parking available to visitors in front of Hall 5 and along the side entrance beside Hall 5.


The exhibit halls will be secured and locked every night on closing. It takes approximately 10 minutes to clear the hall of customers. Do not leave your booth unattended and open to theft.

For the security of your goods, we suggest you stay in your booth until 10 minutes after the show closes. You must vacate the halls no later than a half hour after closing each show night.


Soliciting of business and distribution of samples, souvenirs, and literature (including promotions by costumed personnel) must be confined to your exhibit space only.

It is not permitted in the aisles, in other exhibitors’ booths, at any building entrance/exit, or anywhere on the grounds of the event, including the parking area (car windshields) without show management authorization.