Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I move in earlier than the allocated time?
A. Unfortunately, we do not have access to the hall before the beginning of move-in.

Q. How can I pick up my exhibitor badges?
A. All exhibitor badges can be picked up on site at the Caneast Show Office during move-in. Don’t forget to submit your names by completing the Mandatory Exhibitor Form.

Q. What if my staff isn’t all there? Where can I leave their badges?
A. Any extra exhibitor badges can be left at Guest Services at the show entrance as of 9 am Friday, April 5 to be picked up by your staff.

Q. Is booth cleaning available?
A. Yes, please consult the Booth Cleaning Form to order this service for your booth.

Q. Are there food concessions stands available?
A. The concession stand is open to exhibitors after move-in begins. During the length of the show, the concession stand will remain open until the end of the day.

Q. Is there a hotel you recommend?
A. We have two hotels that are offering reduced rates for exhibitors. More information can be found here. enPeak