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We would like to take this opportunity to remind all exhibitors that have carpet that is installed by an Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (other than the Official Show Contractor), that it is your responsibility to remove any flooring adhesive/residue (namely carpet tape) that is used at the end of the show. We suggest using what the professionals use, double-sided cloth tape. Have you ever noticed how easily the aisle carpet is removed at the end of the show? The Official Show Contractors use only double-sided cloth carpet tape for their set up and for the aisle carpet.

Benefits of double-sided cloth carpet tape:

– Strong holding power

– Adheres well to a variety of surfaces

– Removes cleanly after ageing

– Improves overall productivity.

Caldas Building Services now offers double-sided cloth tape for sale. Our office is located Hall # 1. 36mm x 55m (1 ½ ” x 108′) Roll $17.00 per roll. Caldas Building Services does not recommend the use of packaging tape, duct tape, general-purpose carpet tape or double-sided foam tape.

Once again this notice is a reminder to the exhibitor that it is your responsibility to remove any and all flooring adhesive/residue that is used. Any flooring adhesive/residue left behind will be removed by Caldas Building Services, with removal charges billed directly to Show Management at a cost of $2.00 a linear foot which they will in turn charge the offending exhibitors. To avoid being billed for floor adhesive/residue removal please use the recommended cloth tape, or ensure that you remove all flooring adhesive and tape residue in your booth area.

International Centre has now implemented a recycling program. We ask for your support by separating your cardboard from the rest of the garbage. Cleaners will be going around each aisle picking up the garbage and cardboard. By having it already separated will help us get the aisles cleared out faster and make it easier for an exhibitor to move in. We would like to thank you in advance for your contribution to our recycling program.

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